Secret Shine Sauce | 5-Free

Secret Shine Sauce | 5-Free

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Secret Shine Sauce is a 10-free top coat! Most importantly, It is free of the 5 Big Toxic Ingredients - DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, & Camphor.


1) Apply a base coat, like Sticky Sauce or Smoothing Sauce. Let dry.
2) Apply a coat of your favorite nail polish. If necessary, apply a second or 3rd coat. Let dry completely between each coat.

3) Apply Secret Shine Sauce. Let dry completely.
4) Allow 2 - 3 minutes for Secret Shine Sauce to dry completely before you move on to add a watermarble design or a stamped design.

a. If you are going to be using nail vinyls, please allow at least 15 minutes of dry time before placing the vinyls on your nails to avoid lifting your nail polish.

5) Finally, make sure to wrap the free edge of your nails using Secret Shine Sauce. This will help prevent your manicure from quickly chipping or peeling off. It will also help minimize tip wear.

*the slight violet tint in Secret Shine Sauce does not translate onto your manicure or pedicure.